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Hi, I'm Abbey Anthony

This is Abbey, Our cheeky, funny, music loving, water princess. She is almost 6, She has an 8 yr old brother with ASD and ADHD. Abbey was a dream baby, however I started to investigate a few physical and developmental concerns when she was only 5 weeks old, by 16 months old she had been admitted to hospital 5 times, had a CATscan, X-rays, blood tests, MRI and an EEG. By the time she was 2 Abbey had been diagnosed with A-Typical Rett Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, PICA, Sensory Processing Disorder and PDD-NOS.

She started walking at 3.5 yrs, she is non stop babbling and signing some very simple words but cannot talk. These were All things we were told she'd never do. These things have all happened due to the extensive amount of therapies she has received. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Music Therapy, Swimming Lessons and Physiotherapy. We treat abbey like any other 5 year old, but she still needs many more years of therapy, specialist appointments, medication and hospital stays. She attends prep at a special school with the intention of her joining her brother in mainstream school one day.

If you would like to donate towards Abbey's continual progress, we will be extremely grateful and it will be forever appreciated by our family!

Abbey would tap under her chin, which is her way of saying THANKYOU!

Thank you in advance,

Love, Lucy, Naaman and Jayman. xoxoxox

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