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Hi, I'm Cooper Wolff

Hi, My name is Cooper. I was born on the 16/11/2011 with my identical twin brother Regan. We were born 10 weeks premature and spent the first 3 months of our lives in intensive care with the lovely doctors and fantastic nurses of the Mater children’s hospital in Brisbane. Mum and dad would drive 1 hour twice a day every day to see us until we finally came home.

During Mums pregnancy it was found that we had twin to twin transfusion syndrome and mum had to have emergency laser surgery at 20 weeks to save our lives. This condition results in all the blood flow from the placenta going to my brother leaving me with none. Without surgery we both wouldn’t make it.

Shortly after we were born we both decided to put the intensive care doctors and nurses to the test by crashing, Lucky they are the best in the world and pulled us through.

After we arrived home I was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia cerebral palsy. This means that I have a lot of trouble moving from my tummy down. I’m now able to partially crawl but I can’t move or climb like my brother.

Why I need your donations is, I’m raising money for me to attend the Kauffman thera-suit center in the USA as this is the world leading therapy for cerebral palsy. I also need ongoing support for other beneficial therapies at home such as feldenkrais massage and myofascial release therapy. There will also be a requirement for walking frames and other specialized equipment when I’m strong enough.

These therapies have caused enormous financial strain on mum and dad as there is little to no funding for cerebral palsy therapies.

My goal with your donation is to be able to maintain and possibly increase my therapies and one day be able to stand up straight and tall and look my brother in the eye. Your support and kind donations are so greatly appreciated by me and my family and will go towards making a great difference in my way of life. Thanks, Cooper :)

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