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Hi, I'm Ivy Roger

Our gorgeous Ivy was born at 30weeks gestation and when she was just 14 days old we were told she would have Cerebral Palsy. She is now 7 and a 1/4 and still gorgeous and as bubbly as ever! Ivy is a bright and sassy girl, keeping up with her peers in Year One at mainstream school. She enjoys dance, horse-riding, drama and swimming after school. 

Throughout her life, Ivy has faced many challenges and together we have worked through countless hours of therapy. While therapy has been successful in increasing her strength and coordination, as she continues to grow, we are struggling to fight against the spasticity in her body caused by Cerebral Palsy. Wonderfully, Ivy has been accepted for a pair of surgeries in the USA. The first is spinal nerve surgery and will permanently remove all spasticity from her lower body - Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). The second is muscle lengthening surgery that will return her leg muscles to the length they should be - Percutaneous Muscle Lengthening (Percs).

This will allow her to grow without deforming her bones, reduce pain, reduce the need for multiple surgeries on her bones and increase her mobility. With ongoing therapy afterwards to build her strength in her new body, she will most likely be able to transfer herself independently between her various pieces of mobility equipment giving her dignity and control, particularly around bathing, getting in and out of bed and going to the bathroom. This would allow her to live independently as an adult.

Ivy does not qualify for this surgery in Australia. Here it is relatively new and infrequent e.g. three to four a year in Brisbane, slightly more in southern states. It is also an older method and only currently performed on children with much milder disability than Ivy. Ivy does qualify for this surgery at the St Louis Children's Hospital Missouri. There Dr Park performs this surgery six times a week totalling over 6000 patients to date. He teams closely with Dr Dobbs for the muscle lengthening surgery (Percs).

We received our acceptance earlier this year with an estimated date of April 2019 but were placed on waitlists and have just received the news that we have a date for 15th of November this year!!! That's only 3 months time! We have felt cautious about fundraising previously as we are well aware that our therapy and equipment costs are ongoing. The cost for the two surgeries, braces, equipment and post op rehab is AUD $85,000. Flights, accommodation and travel expenses for five weeks for Ivy and I are estimated at AUD $15,000 leaving our total fundraising goal at $100,000. This is a huge expense, however we are determined to give Ivy the best chance possible.  

Your support and generosity will make a huge difference to Ivy and our family and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness! Ivy has great potential to achieve, contribute and lead in this world, she will inspire others just as she has inspired us.  

Thank you so much 💕

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