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Hi, I'm Jeremias Blackman

My name is Jeremias Blackman and I live on the Gold Coast. In September, 2010 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a severe spinal cord injury. I have undergone spinal surgery in Brisbane and am currently on the long road to recovery. My injury is classified as L2 incomplete paraplegia which means I use a wheelchair as my main source of mobility.

Since my accident, I have suffered chronic back pain and chronic neuropathic pain in my legs; as surgery was unable correct my injuries.

Prior to my accident, I was a university student and pursuing a professional rugby league career. I initially lived in Cairns with my family who undertook the role of carers. Due to Government Health Funding cuts in 2013 I was forced to relocate to the Gold Coast to attend treatment by a private exercise physiologist and family friend who generously gave up his time to assist me with physiotherapy. I was unable to receive any compensation or disability payouts for my accident due to being ineligible. As I was no longer eligible for the public health system, all of my recovery and rehabilitation has been through the help of family and friends.

I am now fundraising to continue to attend an intensive ongoing rehabilitation program with Ken Ware, at the Neurophysics Institute at Robina on the Gold Coast. This rehabilitation program is a recognised Australian, International rehabilitation centre that is successful in treating professional athletes and sporting injuries as well as spinal cord injuries and other complex function recovery issues. A notable case is the success of John MacLean – T2 incomplete Paraplegic to come out of his wheelchair and now he is able to walk. John was filmed by the 60 Minutes Program and was walking completely unaided (independently) after being wheelchair bound for 25 years.

The cost of this rehabilitation program is to allow me to attend ongoing therapy. Other expenses that may occur for this rehabilitation will be transport costs of my current car – maintenance and fuel to attend the rehabilitation centre frequently in my small Toyota hatch to transport my wheelchair which is essential for my mobility.

This rehabilitation program is designed to assist me to eliminate chronic pain, assist my daily health and wellbeing and aid my recovery and achieve my goal of coming out of the wheelchair and to walk independently. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has generously donated and supported me in my endeavour to walk again.

Your support and generous donations are greatly appreciated and your help has and will make a huge difference in my quality of life. My heartfelt thanks is not really enough words to say thank you for your much needed help and support.

Thank you, Jeremias

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