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Hi, I'm Jude Tregaskis


When a doctor said to Cam that his younger brother ‘doesn’t walk’, Cam quickly put the doctor in her place. ‘Jude does walk,’ he said. ‘He walks with a walker.’ And yes… Of course, he talks. He talks with a PODD** book.

Jude, 10, also wrestles, parties at the pool, laughs at crazy jokes, plays tag, lives his super heroes & wrestling passions. He hangs out with his mates, reads like a champion and loves maths. Jude was born healthy and growing beautifully. But at nine months old, a viral illness set his life on a radically changed course, affecting his ability to move.

Enabling Jude’s independence is expensive. He will always need one-on-one support, custom equipment, future home and vehicle modifications along with many therapies and ongoing medical needs. With these, he truly flourishes and will continue too.

Whatever comes Jude’s way, he lives the family motto – ‘I tough’ – always having the courage to keep going. You can help him do this by JUMPING IN as guests of Alex and Michael with a donation in lieu of a wedding gift.


* All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

**Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display


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