Mitch Runs for Bella Riehs


Hi, I'm Mitch Runs for Bella Riehs

On the 28th of March I will be at the Royal National Park in Sydney and will be running 50 km to raise funds for Bella Riehs. I will be running a series of tracks around Glenrock State Conservation Area in Newcastle. 

Bella looks like such a normal, cheeky little girl who would just wants to run, jump, play in the sun and just be a usual little child. It is heartbreaking to read her condition has made this almost impossible.

Let is tell you a little about Bella...


Bella is 7 years old and is a very lively, fun loving girl. Bella was born with a virus called congenital CMV which has caused many life long challenges for Bella including cerebral palsy, deafness with cochlear implants, oral dysphagia – non verbal and feeding problems, microcephaly, epilepsy etc. Despite all this she absolutely loves life and gets the most out of every day. She has a very cheeky sense of humour and is very determined.

Bella has life-threatening (tonic/clonic) seizures and these seizures require emergency medication to help bring her out of the seizure. Each time she has a seizure it can take her about a hour to regain consciousness and then she is usually exhausted and vomiting for most of the day. It takes an enormous toll on her body. This also takes a huge toll on the rest of the family including siblings Jarrad (13) & Thalia (10) who assist with caring for her.


Bella is also growing up and wanting to be more independent, we are constantly worried she will have a seizure and she can’t be left alone even just to play in her room or eat at the table. She has a seizure alert alarm watching her all night and if the power goes out or we are travelling she needs to sleep with us so we can keep a very close eye on her. If she has a seizure when alone this can be very dangerous – even fatal.



A seizure alert dog would allow Bella to maintain some independence and give us peace of mind that she would be safe in the event of a seizure. These seizure alert dogs are trained to alert and even help care for and protect Bella during a seizure by rolling her onto her side. They go through extensive training and are trained to detect an oncoming seizure ahead of time allowing us to get Bella into a safe position before the seizure occurs. As she is getting older she is getting heavier so it is vital we get her into a safe position during a seizure. Given the extensive training over 18 months the dogs must undertake they are very expensive.


Bella's family would be so grateful for your financial support to enable us to continue this life saving medication and add a seizure alert dog to her family, plus allow Bella to continue her much needed intensive therapy!




This program allows us to help with some of Bella's costs by simply going MAD (make a difference) for a day.


Please fill in the form below to make a donation.
Thanks - Mitch

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