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Hi, I'm Scarlett Whitmore TN

Dear friends and family, 

On April 25th, Tom and Nick will climb the tallest mountain in Hong Kong called Sharp Peak. This should take approx. 6 - 7hrs.
See the link below to get an idea of what we're in for.
Let us tell you about Scarlett
Scarlett is a beautiful little Perth girl, with the biggest heart and most infectious smile.
However, because of a very rare genetic disorder, she faces a number of challenges.

She has something called Hypotonia, which just means she is very floppy and has low muscle tone. Scarlett was also born with a cleft palate, club foot, and a level of vision similar to legal blindness, as well as being at high risk of seizures. Unfortunately Scarlett cannot roll, sit, crawl or stand unassisted.
She has been diagnosed with the GNB1 gene mutation, Global Development Delay (GDD), Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) and sensorineural hearing loss.
Unfortunately Scarlett needs much more therapy than the mainstream system can provide, and this comes at a great expense.

She recently did her first NAPA intensive therapy program over in Sydney, and her progress was nothing short of amazing.
She did 2 hours of Cuevas Medek Exercize every day for 3 weeks. These intensives teach new improved motor patterns through repetition, with Scarlett able to build upon skills learnt in previous days. Her head and trunk control improved incredibly well!  However, these intensive therapies come at a massive cost. A 3 hour per day program would consist of 45 hours of therapy, and cost a total of $7,875!! 

Any donation, big or small, will make such a massive difference to Scarlett’s life.
We will try our hardest to raise AU$10,000.
This program allows us to help with some of Scarlett’s costs by simply going MAD (make a difference) for a day. 

This is not a massive undertaking but more an opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are!
Please fill in the form below to make a donation.
Thanks - Nick & Tom

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