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Hi, I'm Ryan Hughes

Hi My name is Bec and I am Ryan’s mum. I have set up this page to raise enough funds to purchase my 5 year old little boy an autism assistance dog.

Ryan is such a sweet young boy but life isn’t easy for him, what he sees and hears is different to those around him. Our life is anything but normal and most daily tasks are a hassle such as feeding, schooling and any sort of outings like shopping or social activities.

Ryan also has two sisters, Emma, 7, and Grace, 2 who just adore their brother, and would love to see him receive this puppy to help him and be there for him as a best friend. It will also give them the freedom to have some time and space to themselves.

While it may seem like this is a lot of money to raise for a dog, I could give you multiple reasons as to why they are at such a high cost, however there are a few main reasons. First being that there is currently no government funding for trained assistance dogs and even NDIS funding will not cover the purchase or expenses of an assistance dog. So much time, resources and training goes into each assistance dog and they are all trained to specifically suit the individuals needs and abilities, it is quite a process and this takes hard work and time.

We have set up this page to help with the financial cost of purchasing this trained autism assistance dog. Having an autism assistance dog for Ryan will help with his safety, as he has no concept of danger and will without worry run across a busy road, it will help him socially and also be a huge assistance with calming him when he has a meltdown. As a family, having an assistance dog will make our life a little easier as we can do more family trips, knowing that we have the assistance dog to help with any melt downs and keeping Ryan calm.

Any donation big or small is appreciated by our family and will go a long way into making our dream achievable. Your support is amazing, thank you.

Bec, Ryan, Emma & Grace.

If you would like to follow Ryan’s journey, please follow his facebook page – www.facebook.com/1d1b1m

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