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Hi, I'm Shonaya Whitehouse

Shonaya is a bright and bubbly 11 year old girl who loves being outdoors and out in the community. She enjoys being read stories, watching her favourite TV shows, music and as all young girls do shopping…

Shonaya has an undiagnosed condition, however her presentation is very similar to Rhett Syndrome/ ‘CDKL5, this means Shonaya utilises a wheelchair every day to get around with a person to assist her with this.

Shonaya experiences multiple seizures (most days) these appear to fluctuate in accordance with an apparent development of resistance over time in relation to medication. Shonaya is dependent on others for all aspects of care in her life.

Shonaya weighs 26.7kg and can be quite wriggly with fluctuating tone and requires two-person hoist transfers; support to eat (spoon fed); support for all personal care and hygiene needs she requires a wheelchair for mobility; she is non-verbal, but her smile will just melt anyone she meets. Despite all of these factors Shonaya still manages heaps of smiles every day and brightens the lives of those around her.

Shonaya’s hips are both out and cause discomfort with lifting, whilst we can hoist her in the home environment we can’t hoist her into the car.

Transport has been identified as a major barrier to Shonaya being able to access the community and is something that significantly impacts upon those who care for her. Shonaya has a team of 8 specialists that assist in ensuring Shonaya is as healthy and comfortable as possible and a few of the specialists are in Brisbane at Lady Cilento Hospital, which is another reason, why we would like to see Shonaya in an accessible vehicle. Shonaya is now 26.7kg and will only continue to get bigger as she gets older.

In saying that it has become difficult, painful and risky to transfer Shonaya into a vehicle. Having access to her own accessible vehicle would mean that Shonaya could remain in her wheelchair and not need to be lifted in and out in order to travel to locations which would reduce the likelihood of an injury to both Shonaya and Shonaya’s caregivers.

Please get behind this great cause as it will all assist in reaching our end goal of being able to buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that will allow Shonaya and her family and Caregivers the opportunity to get Shonaya out and about in the community more and be able to transport her to her specialist appointments that are a vital part of Shonaya’s life. Thank you so much for your support and kindness!


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