Tallow Ra


Hi, I'm Tallow Ra


Tallow is a happy, social and fun-loving 7 year old boy.

He is extremely kind, sensitive and compassionate and has a large zest for life.
His smile is infectious and makes friends young and old, everywhere he goes.

Tallow also has ‘Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia’ which affects his legs, left arm and trunk.

His arrival into this world was 10 weeks earlier than expected. Due to a lack of oxygen to his brain there is some damage to the part of the brain that governs motor function and this has resulted with his physical challenges.

As result of his ‘spastic diplegia’ Tallow finds it physically difficult to keep up with his brother and his friends. His affected muscles are constantly in a contracted state even when they aren’t working so he fatigues quickly.

In addition to this, his balance is compromised and his muscles work against what he wants them to be doing so for him to do simple tasks such as walking, standing and kneeling it takes enormous effort, sometimes discomfort and lots of falls.

Tallow is getting to an age now where he is questioning why he can’t do the things that his peers can do.

Although he has a naturally positive and joyful disposition, he has moments of sadness as he sometimes can’t keep up with his friends and join in on the active play with his peers.
He has done and continues to do many hours of therapy and several 3-week intensive blocks at the amazing NAPA centre in Sydney each year. But despite all his hard work and determination, his muscles will continue to get tighter, his joints continually deteriorate and spine constantly getting pulled in asymmetric alignment as he grows. The spastic muscles are causing detrimental damage to his body which cascade into a whole lot of secondary problems.

This will result in Tallow needing various corrective surgery throughout his lifetime.

BUT… Tallow has recently been accepted as a candidate for surgery in the U.S called ‘Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) which will eliminate all the tightness in his muscles due to his condition. The surgery is the first step and then a gruelling couple of years of intensive rehabilitation to train his newly exposed weak muscles that he has not been able to access previously. Not only will this will give him better balance and more stamina, it will greatly reduce the chance of future muscle and joint deterioration and many other secondary problems that will otherwise inevitably arise in the future due to his spastic muscles.

We are completely aware that this is no miracle cure and that he will always have physical challenges.
But this is our opportunity to give him the best possible chance at an independent and pain-free future.
We need to raise approximately AUD $100,000 to cover the cost of the flights, medical expenses, accommodation and immediate rehabilitation for the month afterwards.

Your kindness and support means the world to Tallow and his family.

They are so grateful and appreciate the generosity towards helping Tallow.


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