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Hi, I'm Trinity Harding

Hi, I am Trinity Grace Harding and I am five years old. While I haven’t had the easiest start to my life, I get up each day and I make the most of it, I do not let my Cerebral Palsy hold me back and I continue to fight, just like a warrior!

I have recently just hit a major milestone for any young person in their life, I am starting Prep! I am very excited about starting Prep as I will be able to make new friends and learn so much. Starting school isn’t as easy for me, I require more specialised Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy to help me communicate at school with my teachers and peers and allow me to participate easier in the school environment.

While this is a necessity in helping me grow and learn, it does come at quite a large cost to my parents. At the moment it is costing Mum and Dad $300 per hour of therapy and I am required to do an hour each day, 5 days per week to ensure I reach my goals of walking independently and communicating with my teachers and peers.

My mum and dad work very hard to ensure I have the best chance at reaching my goals and they want to see me strive, it is just financially straining to pay for the requirements of therapy along with purchasing specialised equipment to assist my developmental needs. This is why we have set up this page to try and help alleviate some of this financial strain and still ensure I can reach my goals. Your kindness and support will make such a difference in our lives and is beyond appreciated.

I am going to work extremely hard at school and I am so excited to start learning and just being like all the other kids.

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Thanks again for all of your support and generosity, Trinity x

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