About 'Fitability'

Sunshine Butterflies provides a modified sports, games and fitness program giving participants an opportunity to partake in activities at their own pace and get fit in a fun and supportive environment.

We offer everything from swimming in our Accessible Pool, to Tai Chi, Yoga, Ball Games, to Personal Training, and walking.

We also now offer a range of Personal Therapy Services delivered by our Collective Therapy Team.
Give us a call on 5470 2830 for more details, or to book your idividualised personal Therapy session.

Activities are lead by qualified fitness co-ordinators and Support Mentors and have been designed to be fun and energetic for all ages and abilities.

Safe sporting equipment provided.

FITABILITY is an interactive and fun program tailored for people of all abilities.

- Improve self-confidence

- Encourage self expression

- Gives feeling of involvement and inclusion

- Educates on health and nutrition

Come and enjoy a great social get-together while staying fit and healthy!

Enquire below for more details on our FITABILITY program.

Interested in 'Fitability'?

To find our more information about 'Fitability', please contact our team.

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