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Hang out at our Social Club days and nights!!

Come have fun at any of our recreation and leisure activities within the Sunshine Coast and beyond. eg. tourist attractions, events, bands, concerts, parks, picnics, bon fires , fishing, boating , bbq's, cafes, RSL and pub luncheons, just to name a few.

Meet new friends, visit new places and unleash your social butterfly!

Social Club is for all ages and abilities.

Give us your great ideas and suggestions to add to the fun.

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To find our more information about Hang Out, please contact our team.

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Hello, I'm Louie Hayward

Two days before Christmas in 2015, twins Pearl and Louie Hayward were born amongst tinsel and fruit mince pies and celebration. The perfect, tiny babies were 2 kg each and healthy and strong. They were the first children to James and Andrea, life was good! However at just 10 day...

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