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About Kiss My Art

The Kiss My Art vision is to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to communicate and express themselves through creating art, experiencing art and enjoying a sense of belonging while making art in the company of others.

Trained artists with specialist skills guide the classes and coordinate and facilitate workshops and projects to encourage a collaboration between artists with and without disability. Work alongside each other in a stimulating and supportive environment to develop social skills and extend friendships.

Artwork is catered to all levels of ability where participants can either join structured classes and group projects or develop their own area of interest and focus on individual creative goals.

Activities include mosaics, textiles, sculpture, painting, drawing, craft, sewing, jewellery making, photography, tie dye, weaving and farm art just to name a few.

There is plenty of choice to get those creative juices flowing with new arty crafty ideas being added all the time.

Individual classes available.

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