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Sunshine Butterflies provides support to all members of the family who are caring for a son or daughter with a disability and that includes the siblings. Siblings of children with a disability, experience a range of emotional reactions, both positive and negative, which is why we have created a club exclusively for brothers and sisters of children who have special needs.

Social Sibs is an informal support group for siblings aged 8-12 years, that provides a social and recreational activities, to give siblings an opportunity to meet other siblings with similar circumstances in a fun, safe, casual and friendly environment.

Social Sibs allows siblings to:

• Meet other brothers and sisters and build new friendships
• Have fun without the guilt of knowing their sibling can’t always enjoy the same activity or pleasure
• Talk about their feelings with others who really know what its like to have a sibling with a special needs
• Learn and develop coping strategies for some of those difficult situations that they may encounter, such as teasing or embarrassment.
• Improve self-esteem and increase social interactions and begin to see their situation as normal
If you have a brother or sister with a disability, come and join Social Sibs for some fun filled activities.

Time: Once a month. Times vary according to the activities.

Ages: 8-12 years

For more info, or to book, please call us on 07 5470 2830.


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