Disability education and awareness

About Disability education and awareness

Our puppets are life-sized children with various disabilities. Although their bodies might not work the same as other children they still enjoy activities such as bike riding, swimming, sleepovers, camping, parties and just hanging out with friends.

They are very entertaining and will share how they think and feel and for some, how difficult it is for them to move or communicate.

Our Puppet Troupe:

  • available to visit schools, libraries, childcare centres, community groups and playgroups, or come and see us at Our Backyard
  • aimed at prep and school aged children
  • promotes positive inclusion for kids with disabilites
  • help to break down the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding disabaility
  • help children learn about acceptance, difference, understanding and compassion
Our Puppet Troupe will enagage both children and adults, inviting the audience to ask questions and learn.

If you would like to meet our Puppet Troupe or would like to learn more about our education programs, please contact us.




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