Crafty minds take control over disabilites

When you hear the word ‘therapy’ as it relates to disability, what instantly comes to your mind? The majority of people would probably think of medicine, doctors, treatments etc. But have you ever considered that art can be a relaxing, educational and calming therapy for people with disabilities? In truth, art therapy is proving to be highly effective in the treatment of various disabilities.

Art therapy has been effective at enhancing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals of all abilities and ages. The stroke of a paintbrush, placing mosaics or finger painting can manage behaviour, increase self-awareness and reduce stress for individuals.

Emotionally, people with disabilities are usually dealing with situations that are beyond their control. They may even feel helpless, confused and stressed. Art puts the power back into the individuals’ hands. When they are making art, people with disabilities are in control of what they are doing. This sense of control may help those with limitations they feel with their disability.

Sunshine Butterflies offers a flexible, self-tailored art therapy program called ‘Kiss My Art’. In Kiss My Art members choose to either join a structured class, group project, or develop their own area of interest to focus on individual creative goals. Activities include mosaics, textiles, sculpture, painting , drawing , craft , sewing, jewellery making, photography, tie dye , weaving and farm art just to name a few. Lots of choice to get those creative juices flowing with new crafty ideas being added all the time!



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