Maintaining Fitness with a Disability


Maintaining your fitness as much as possible is a must for people living with a disability, there are a variety of ways of getting your fitness fix, Sunshine Butterflies have explored a fun and social fitness programs to get the most benefits out of a fitness program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular exercise can be of huge benefit with improvements including:

-Refining stamina and muscle strength – this really helps with some forms of disability where muscle tone is affected.

-When we exercise, the brain releases endorphins that deliver a feel-good high. This can help ease anxiety and depression, and additionally, lift your mood.

-Exercising in a group such as Boxercise is a great way to try something different, meet new people and become part of the community.

-Group fitness maintains the ability to maintain a higher level of independence, sense of freedom and quality of life.

-Exercise can control joint swelling, and help alleviate pain in the process.

Sunshine Butterflies has a group Boxercise class where members can get fit and have fun with friends in a Noosa Box Office class with Israel Kani taking the lead. Sunshine Butterflies has found that being active and having fun with friends helps improve your health, strength and general wellbeing.

For more information on Sunshine Butterflies Sport and Recreation programs check out our Sport and Fitness Activities programs or contact us!



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