Hi, I'm Louie Hayward

Two days before Christmas in 2015, twins Pearl and Louie Hayward were born amongst tinsel and fruit mince pies and celebration. The perfect, tiny babies were 2 kg each and healthy and strong. They were the first children to James and Andrea, life was good!

However at just 10 days old, Pearl and Louie both contracted a nasty virus and stopped breathing, they had to be resuscitated and were placed side by side in ICU. Their swollen bodies were reliant on life support machines and medications. After a few days Pearl started to show signs of improvement, however Louie did not. The virus was cruel, and had infected his brain and every organ in his body. He was given only 12 hours to live.

Louie is a battler and he made it through those 12 harrowing hours, however his brain was severely injured. The vision part of the brain was badly affected, and Louie is now blind. The motor movement part of the brain was also severely affected, and Louie cannot yet sit, roll or crawl. This also affects the development of eating and drinking skills, and Louie is now fed through a tube in his stomach. The injury to his brain has also caused epilepsy and microcephaly, meaning ‘small head’ as it is brain growth that causes a babies head to expand as they get older.

Louie’s needs are great, but his God is greater. He is a blessing to everyone who meets him- he gives A+ cuddles and loves reading braille books, listening to music and a good tickle fest. He loves swimming at the beach, playing on swings and slippery slides, patting dogs and has a most infectious giggle!! Pearl is now reaching normal milestones and is (mostly) a caring and kind sister.

Louie requires intensive therapies to develop his skills- this means many sessions of physio, occupational therapy, speech/ communication and feeding therapies each week. At an average cost of $170 per session, the family have long since run out of funding provided by the government and are now self funding Louie’s needs. Each new term of therapy brings new decisions about how to prioritise resources for Louie. He benefits from all of the therapy he receives, and yet the family have to decide which can be budgeted for and which will have to miss out. Upcoming expenses for Louie include a junior wheelchair, a walker and hand splints. This fundraising page has been set up to help ease the financial pressure and assist the family to cover all of these costs which Louie requires.

Your kindness and support means the world to Louie and his family and they are beyond grateful for your generosity in helping Louie receive the therapy and equipment he needs to reach his full potential. Thank you!