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The vision of Sunshine Butterflies is for individuals with a disability and their families to be well supported, included and cared for throughout their life and within their community.

At Sunshine Butterflies, we provide information and resources to families and individuals living with a disability via our Family Care Service so that families can be directed, informed, educated and supported whenever in need of a bit of assurance, assistance or help.

If we don't have the answer, we will make sure there is someone else who does.

Our support team provides:

-Helpful information and NDIS advice and support
-Have a chat support groups and workshops
-Family care and case management counselling
-Respite (In home and community)
-Representation and advocacy
-Case management
-Support Coordination and Connection
-Personal Fundraising Opportunities

Sunshine Butterflies services were created to assist families find their way through the confusing maze of disability services available, referring them to the appropriate service or program while also connecting them with other families and support groups. With the NDIS soon to roll out in 2018/19, it will further assist families and individuals to have choice and control over their disability supports, including the ability to choose who and how these supports are provided and managed.

With our growing reputation within the community sector, Sunshine Butterflies is now known as an organisation that goes far beyond just assisting those living with a disability or a mental illness.

Those who use our service are families, individuals, carers, service providers, NGO’s, medical personnel, schools and community groups - all for different reasons.

Sunshine Butterflies offers a variety of Support Services for individuals living with a disability as well as their family members and we strive to make things easier for you and your family or carer…

Check out some of our Support Services below or Contact Us for more information.


Have a Chat

Sunshine Butterflies provides a support group to assist families living with a disability called Have a Chat. Groups currently meet at several locations along the Sunshine Coast, providing sup...

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Family Care

The vision of Sunshine Butterflies is for individuals living with disability and their families to be well supported, included and cared for throughout their life and within their community, a...

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Do you need a break? Sunshine Butterflies flexible respite is designed to give primary carers of people with disabilities wider options to receive support that is meaningful to you, w...

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Fundraising Appeals

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