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Supported Employment Initiative for individuals with disability.

Sunshine Butterflies Pantry


Sunshine Butterflies Pantry Condiments and Homeware range is a Social Enterprise that employs people with disability to create handmade, quality products from our 15-acre educational and recreational facility, ‘Our Backyard’.

Our Pantry Condiments offers a delicious range of condiments, meticulously crafted using locally sourced, seasonal produce.

Our products are bursting with flavour and made with love. Each jar tells a story of ‘Our Backyard’ and the determination, passion and joy behind every single one of our employees with disability.

What truly sets our Pantry apart is its social impact. By operating as a Social Enterprise, we create opportunities for individuals with disability develop essential work skills and build self-confidence. Every jar or homeware purchased supports our vision of empowering people with disability by creating an all-inclusive community.

When you choose Sunshine Butterflies Pantry, you’re not just indulging in delicious condiments and handmade homewares, you’re enabling us to continue empowering individuals with disability, breaking down barriers and creating pathways to independence.

Together, let’s celebrate abilities, celebrate diversity and make a lasting impact, one jar at a time.

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