Angelman Syndrome

Information about Angelman Syndrome


Angelmans Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder affecting approx. 1 in every 15,000 to 20,000 people. Angelmans Syndrome affects the nervous system and cause severe physical and intellectual disability. Typical characteristic include delayed development, usually noticeable from 6-12 months of age, severe language impairment, movement and balance problems (ataxia), frequent seizures (epilepsy), socialable behaviour with frequent smiling and in 85% of cases a small head size (microcephaly).

At Sunshine Butterflies we are committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for individuals and their families living with Angelmans Syndrome. We offer assistance to families by providing resources, advocacy and a range of programs and support groups, if you would like further information on how Sunshine Butterflies can further support you, please feel free to contact us.