See the impact your gift can make!

Leave a gift in your will


Leaving a Bequest to a not-for-profit organisation like Sunshine Butterflies is a truly impactful decision that can make a lasting difference in the lives of people with disability and their families. It offers you the** opportunity to keep supporting a cause close to your heart**.

There are a variety of ways to leave a Bequest in your Will to Sunshine Butterflies. We advise consulting with a legal professional, such as a solicitor, to ensure that your Will is valid according to the laws in your State or Territory.

Every Bequest left to Sunshine Butterflies helps us continue to build an inclusive and accepting community, creating a space where people with disability feel safe, supported and empowered.

A bequest is a planned gift that you intend to make after your passing.

While there are different types of bequests, they all signify leaving a lasting impact. Whether it’s a specific amount, a particular item, or a percentage of your estate, each contribution, regardless of size, is invaluable in transforming lives for the better.

Before deciding on the type of bequest that aligns with your wishes, reflect on what matters most to you. How would you like to leave your mark? Is there a particular aspect of our work that resonates with you? We are dedicated to honouring your legacy in a manner that truly reflects your values and beliefs.

Donations and Gifts have played a crucial role in shaping Sunshine Butterflies Disability Support Service & Charity. They have enabled us to create a beautiful, meaningful place where people with disability can connect, learn and grow.

If you would like to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will, or if you are a solicitor or trustee assisting in Will preparation, please reach out to us at [email protected]