Become A Volunteer

Do you want to give back to your community?

As a Volunteer, you will become a valuable member of our team.


The Sunshine Butterflies vision is for individuals living with disability and their families to have the support they need to achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

As a volunteer, you can be involved in a variety of volunteer activities that will provide many benefits to those living with disability in our community.

These valued roles require dedicated and reliable volunteers who can commit on a consistent basis.

If you are able to give a few hours of your time a week, please contact us today!

‘‘ "To be a volunteer at Butterflies for me is such an honour... I am able to give time to experience sharing with no boundaries, no judgements... to know perhaps I make a difference to lives that are indeed so beautiful... In return as volunteers our souls are uplifted, and we experience unconditional love... the smiles, and the laughter we have in that kitchen is gold... In this Butterflies environment, nothing is too testing... it is an absolute honour and I humbly accept the role as a volunteer as long as you will have me. My love Maryanne" ’’

Maryanne. Sunshine Butterflies Volunteer

‘‘ ‘‘ We truly cherish the work our Volunteers do and it makes a great difference in what we can achieve. ’’ ’’

Sonia Martin Volunteer Coordinator