A huge shoutout to the Noosa Netball Association for being such amazing supporters of Sunshine Butterflies ‘All Sports’ program!😃 Sharyn, Sue and the team from Noosa District Netball Association have kindly provided Sunshine Butterflies members and staff with access to their facility. 🎉 We are so grateful to this amazing organisation for opening up the courts for our sports program whenever we need and giving us access to the equipment and facilities. 💜 Sunshine Butterflies ‘All Sports’ program love playing netball at the Noosa District Netball Courts. This fitness and sports group are learning heaps of new netball skills and building up their confidence on the court. If you would like to find out more about Sunshine Butterflies ‘All Sports’ program, please contact 07 5470 2830 or visit https://www.sunshinebutterflies.com.au/programs-activities/all-sports/