Welcome to Sunshine Butterflies brand new gardening program, ‘Purple Thumbs’!🌱💜 We are so excited to add this new program to our repertoire. ‘Purple Thumbs’ by Sunshine Butterflies is an educational gardening program at our Horticultural Outdoor Classroom and Learning Gardens at ‘Our Backyard’. In this program participants learn about biology, plants, food and nutrition, the environment and develop teamwork skills by growing a garden together.🙂 Our talented ‘Purple Thumbs’ have been learning about garden beds, planter boxes, wall gardens, hydroponics and how to choose the right area to grow your crop. Our members planted their very own micro herbs (which are now thriving) plus grew and harvested a variety of oyster mushrooms, lettuce and bok choy in just one week! ‘Purple Thumbs’ have been loving getting in touch with nature and the beautiful new Learning Gardens at ‘Our Backyard’. We are so excited about the launch of this program and cannot wait to see what our Purple Thumbs achieve! #NationalGardeningWeek