Sponsor our Roosters and Chickens

Meet our Flock of Chickens and Roosters

We have an abundance of lovely roosters and chickens at ‘Our Backyard’.


Chickens are great companions and looking after them is a great opportunity to connect with the animal world.

There has been interesting research that has shown the many health benefits of spending your time caring for chickens!

The chickens at ‘Our Backyard’ have many jobs. They are happy to devour our kitchen scraps and veggies, they also eat bugs and worms, seeds and nuts, grass and wait for it…weeds!

Our chickens also supply eggs for use in our cooking program.

We have a flock of chickens who take care of the pests in our gardens. They help keep our gardens weed and pest free.

In our hen house, we also have Roosters.

Roosters are our natural alarm clock as they wake up at dawn and start crowing loudly. Our Roosters are sweet-natured bantam roosters who are social and friendly.

Unlike other birds, roosters cannot fly. They can take off for a short distance but do not fly for long. Roosters also use their wing span to go faster while running.

We have the ideal habitat for rearing chickens, a large space with small size flocks and a lot of herbs, grasses and plants. Some people keep pet roosters just for their friendly, social and docile nature.

Our roosters are bantam roosters and “King of the girls”. Their job is to keep the girls safe.

By sponsoring our chickens and roosters, you will help us feed and provide a warm and safe home for them.

*Photos supplied by Jackie Hillegers - Pheatherine