Check out what the Good Shepherd Lutheran College Students have been getting up to at Sunshine Butterflies! The ‘Rite Journey’ program students have been assisting our members in our ‘Kiss My Art’ program with creating beautiful wings for our upcoming ‘Walk in Wings’ event!🦋💜 They have been having so much fun designing and creating the wings for our staff and members to wear on the day! We are so excited to have the Good Shepherd students join us at Walk in Wings next Friday! Now is the time to start making those wings with your kids, friends and family. An awesome weekend project to get everyone excited about this event. There are going to be amazing prizes on the day for “MOST UNIQUE WINGS”, “BIGGEST WINGS” and “MOST COLOURFUL WINGS”. 🦋 We got our wings from: @bigwaustralia @choicethediscountstore