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Guinea Fowl

Meet our Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl might be a strange-looking bird but they’re becoming increasingly popular in Australian backyards.  We love our Guinea Fowl because they are just so loveable and full of personality.


Guinea fowl are a hit with gardeners thanks to their insatiable appetite for demolishing bugs and pests in the garden. They are always on grub patrol here at ‘Our Backyard’.

Purpose at ‘Our Backyard’

Guinea Fowl play a very important role here at ‘Our Backyard’ because their loud warning cries serve as a perfect alarm system against predators such as snakes and foxes.  They are the protectors of all our furry and feathered friends.

If you listen carefully, you will hear our family of Guinea Fowl marching around the 15 acres of ‘Our Backyard’.

** Photo supplied by Jackie Hillegers Pheatherine

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