Vibration and Movement

Try something new to take your fitness to the next level

For people with disability


At Sunshine Butterflies we deliver a range of vibration therapies that help improve blood flow, stimulate relaxation, support a strong immune system and decrease inflammation.

There are many diverse ways this therapy is used – from helping to enhance tissue recovery following an injury, to addressing mental and emotional challenges from anxiety.

All participants are pre-screened to assess their suitability for Vibration Therapy.

Cycloid Vibration Therapy

The cycloid vibration is a very gentle therapy that produces 3-dimensional waves in a circular motion.

Cycloid Vibration Therapy has a positive effect on the lymphatic, cardiovascular, neural and myofascial tissue that decreases stress and tissue tension to promote calmness and relaxation.

Power Plate Vibration Therapy

The power plate stimulates the nervous system, myofascial system and circulatory system to increase muscle activation and blood flow.

Power Plate Vibration Therapy is precise, predictable and safe which is what we refer to as harmonic vibration that has an uplifting effect.

This type of vibration delivers micro hits of ground-reaction force to improve tissue health, resilience and function for overall wellbeing.

It enhances strength and mobility, promotes motor learning and motor control and enhances mood and energy levels.

Wayne ‘Fletch’ Fletcher- Vibration and Movement Therapist specialises in Movement and Play Therapy, Vibration Therapies, Exercise Training and Breath Work to oxygenate the body and the mind, with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in!

For an appointment with Fletch, call him on 0417 805 774