Tailoring therapeutic interventions and assessments to meet your unique needs

For people with disability


Max Mack - Psychologist

Meet Max Mack, a Registered Psychologist committed to tailoring therapeutic interventions and assessments to meet your unique needs. Max’s approach revolves around empowering individuals to support them in achieving their goals. 

Building Trust through Positive Relationships: Max prioritizes the establishment of positive relationships in therapy, recognizing that trust and rapport are foundational. This creates a safe space for open communication, enhancing the therapeutic process and fostering a collaborative environment for addressing challenges.

**Holistic Approach to Mental Health: **Taking a holistic stance, Max believes in involving family and support networks in the therapeutic journey. Through collaboration, he strives to offer the most effective support, extending beyond the therapeutic environment to build skills and connections within the community.

**Expertise in Diverse Areas: **Max’s proficiency spans a broad spectrum, encompassing assessments and treatments for children and adults alike. Specialized areas include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and a range of behavioural and psychological conditions.

Specialized Assessments: Max offers targeted assessments, covering executive functioning, cognitive and learning difficulties, and NDIS reports, including functional reports. This detailed approach aids in identifying and explaining mental health conditions to individuals and their families.

Professional Background: With experience in both non-government organizations and private practice, Max brings a wealth of knowledge. His insights from roles in government organizations such as Child Safety, Probation and Parole uniquely inform his understanding of how government systems impact individuals and families.

Education and Dedication: Max holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Clinical Psychology (with Distinction). His commitment to providing high-quality psychological support is reflected in his dedication to enhancing the well-being of people he works with.

Connect with Max Mack for Personalized Support: Take the first step towards holistic well-being by scheduling a consultation with Max. Experience the transformative power of personalized psychological support tailored to your unique journey.

Max is now available for sessions at Sunshine Butterflies ‘Our Backyard’. 

Services are available to people with NDIS funding as well as through Medicare. 

Contact Information

Phone – 0467 540 402

Email – [email protected]