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Mini Donkey

Jimmy, the Miniature Donkey

Is extremely cute and loves a good scratch!


Miniature Donkeys come in various shades of grey, brown, tan and black. Donkeys are friendly and loyal creatures. Jimmy’s soft fur makes for pleasant belly rubs, and his curious ears will stand up straight when he meets someone new.

Purpose at ‘Our Backyard’

Donkeys are great therapy animals as they are clever, patient, shy and strong-willed, so if you want them to co-operate, you need to observe and understand what they are telling you with their body language. Donkeys respond best if you are calm and gentle, so remember this when you approach Jimmy.

Jimmy is a wonderful addition to ‘Our Backyard’, he is a cheeky lad who loves a good play with his horse friends. He is a great companion to everyone.

** Photo supplied by Jackie Hillegers Pheatherine

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