Hearing Impairment

Information about Hearing Impairment


Hearing is one of our five senses. Hearing gives us access to sounds in the world around us—people’s voices, their words, a car horn blown in warning or as hello!

When a child has a hearing loss, it is cause for immediate attention. That’s because language and communication skills develop most rapidly in childhood, especially before the age of 3. When hearing loss goes undetected, children are delayed in developing these skills (March of Dimes, 2007).

Recognizing the importance of early detection, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) recommends that every newborn be screened for hearing loss as early as possible, usually before they leave the hospital. Catching a hearing loss early means that treatment can start early as well and “help the child develop communication and language skills that will last a lifetime” (CDC, 2010).

At Sunshine Butterflies we aim to provide an inclusive environment for individuals and their families living with a Hearing Impairment. If you would like further information on how Sunshine Butterflies can support you, please feel free to contact us.