Sunshine Butterflies talented ‘Kiss My Art’ program hosted their first-ever exhibition!! 🎨 Our members have been working so hard on a variety of different art pieces over the last term in preparation for this art show! All our staff were invited to peruse the art pieces in our makeshift art exhibition space and listen to our members speak about each unique piece of art. 😃 There were paintings, paper mache, felt, cement work, beading, macrame and much more. Our staff loved learning about how everyone created their art pieces and the details behind each project. Thanks to our amazing Program Coordinator Sally for bringing this to life with the help of our staff and volunteers. And well done to all our ‘Kiss My Art’ members who absolutely blew us away with their creations!💜 We can’t wait to make this into a fabulous event one day! How amazing would a big ‘Kiss My Art’ exhibition be on the beautiful lawn at ‘Our Backyard’?