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Miniature Horses

Meet our Miniature Horses

We have three Miniature Horses at ‘Our Backyard’, Finn, Spicer and Clementine.


Miniature Horses are Horses defined by their small height. Their colour and coat pattern can vary and they are very friendly with people.

Purpose at ‘Our Backyard’

Our Miniature Horses are gentle and play a huge part in our Animal Enrichment program offering unconditional love, kindness and patience.  Finn is a very gentle boy, we are working to help him build his confidence, so approach him slowly, gently and quietly.  Spicer is very curious and friendly and loves all his adoring visitors. Spicer has a magnificent mane that he loves to have brushed. Clementine (Tiny) is very sweet, loves to socialise and loves her best mates Finn and Spicer.

You can find them grazing in our of our paddocks or resting in their stables.

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