Sunshine Butterflies ‘Social Siblings’ had a fabulous weekend at the @thegreatmoscowcircusextreme 💥🥳 The Great Moscow Circus incorporated amazing jugglers, aerial performances, trial riders and the world’s best daredevil motorcycle cage riders. Our Sibs had a fabulous day being entertained by the amazing circus and enjoying each other’s company. ‘Social Siblings’ is an informal support group for siblings aged 8-12 years, that provides social and recreational activities, to give siblings an opportunity to meet other kids living in similar circumstances. Once a month siblings meet up at different locations and attractions on the Sunshine Coast, which promises to be a fun day full of activities, adventures and laughter. If you would like to find out more about the ‘Social Siblings’ club please get in contact with the friendly team at Sunshine Butterflies by emailing [email protected] or phoning (07) 5470 2830. A huge thank you to The Moscow circus for an amazing show!😀