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About Social, Community and Recreational Activities

Flexible, fun and skills based...

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Sunshine Butterflies creates avenues and opportunities for members to engage with their peers and the local community through fun and interactive days that include woodwork, cooking, art, music, singing, life skills, social enterprising, fitness, recreation and so much more.

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Pay per term or pay as you go for each program.

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Individual lessons available.

Chippies Corner

For the wood-working enthusiasts to design, create and construct -We will find the DIY chippy in you! The Chippie's Corner project aims to provide a supportive environment for people with or with...

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Assistance with Daily Life

Looking for something just for you? Life skills happen naturally at Sunshine Butterflies... Transitioning from school to community living If you are a school leaver, our programs can provide supp...

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Community Connect

Enjoy a variety of outings whether it be fishing or a BBQ at the river, fun at the park, visiting local attractions and exploring our national parks. Come and have a great time socialising wit...

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Kiss My Art

The Kiss My Art vision is to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to communicate and express themselves through creating art, experiencing art and enjoying a sense of belonging whi...

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Our Kitchen Rules

Sunshine Butterflies welcomes you to learn to cook easy nutritional meals and socialise with friends while enjoying delicious food in our outdoor environmental learning kitchen, the Farm Pantr...

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The vision for Rockability is to provide artists, with or without a disability, a platform to enjoy and create music together. ‘The Rockabilities’ play and enjoy music together from a broad range...

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Soul Projection

Soul Projection is a musical experience where you can learn to sing and perform under the expertise of renowned singer/songwriter, Linda Jones. Soul Projection is designed for individuals who have...

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Fundraising Appeals

Hello, I'm Sean and Scott's Big Swim for Ivy!

Sean Crealey and Scott Groves are participating in a non-stop 6 kilometre swim on Sunday the 24th of February at the Centenary Pool, between 7-9am to raise some much needed funds for young Ivy Roger. Ivy is a 7 year old girl who has Cerebral Palsy, and along with her family have overcome m...

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