Transitioning into School

For all children starting school or changing grades can be an overwhelming experience. For a child with special needs it can be particularly challenging and stressful for both them and their parents.

Here are some tips and strategies to assist your child to transition into a new environment from some other Sunshine Butterflies parents who attend our MyTime ‘Have a Chat’ Support Group.

Mums have spoken about the importance of communication between families and schools.
- Talk to the school about the needs of your child.
Identify the particular challenges for your child (transitions from classrooms) particular triggers eg. over heating, playtime, social skills etc.
Communication books are a great way to keep an open line of dialogue and can often work well as teachers and parents can often find it hard to chat before or after school.

One parent from our support group wrote an introduction letter to the whole class and other parents from her daughter who has Down Syndrome when she first started at school. The letter included a picture of her daughter, as she talked about the things she loves to do and some of the challenges she has. It was a lovely way for children to ask questions, raise awareness and create an environment within the classroom of understanding.

If you would like to join our MyTime Have a chat groups we have three available across the Sunshine Coast. We meet each week during term time and offer cake, coffee, information and advice from other parents who have experience and can offer advice and support.


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