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Meet Cadbury

‘Cadbury’ is a Jersey cross Guerney cow who came to ‘Our Backyard’ as a calf on 1st March 2021 from a dairy farm in Kin Kin.


Cadbury is a Jersey Cow, which are the second most common breed in Australia.

Cadbury was brought up being bottle fed twice a day here at ‘Our Backyard’.

Other than being incredibly cute and calm, Cadbury grazes on the grass here at Our Backyard and replenishes the topsoil with his nutrient-rich manure.

Cadbury is also a very much loved member of our Animal Enrichment sessions as we learn about caring for him and working with him on the farm.

Cadbury is such a warm and gentle cow and fits in perfectly at ‘Our Backyard’.

*Photos supplied by Jackie Hillegers-Pheatherine